Without User Interface

The VipRiser is standard Mac App, it has its own menu and shows up in the dock. This is by design so that an user can interact with it directly, although there is very good technical reason for this as well. A printer driver runs as system user so it has different set of permissions then an user who is currently logged in. This makes it tricky if you want to process driver’s output afterwards by passing it to the Automator or calling AppleScript.  An app is also much easier to develop and debug (for me at least).

Some users do not require VipRiser’s interactive functionality at all however. And having it come up with its own dock icon and a menu maybe a bit of a overkill in that case.

Making VipRiser ‘face-less’

Go to the preferences and turn off following options:

  • show menu bar icon

This is the small icon/menu that shows close the the clock.

  • show dock icon

Normally, the dock icon shows up every time the VipRiser is running.

  • launch at login

You can choose to run the VipRiser every time you log in. This is equivalent of adding the VipRiser to Login Items in User & Groups configuration panel in the System Preferences.

Accessing VipRiser’s Preferences Window

Now that both the menu bar and the dock icon are gone, how do I access the preferences?

The VipRiser will show the preferences window when it reactivates. This happens whenever you start the app for the second time (while it is still running) from the Finder or in other way.

The VipRiser ‘system menu‘, the one that allows you to check for updates or installing the driver, is accessible via the preferences window as well.