TagoMan reborn, take #3

After looong wait, I finally released the first BETA version to the public. The new TagoMan is full rewrite of the original. …as the reborn #2 had been 🙂 But I think I got it now. The new version is more then just a simple tag setter. It is full-blown tag manager now, with all bells and whistles. In many ways, it is designed to be a companion to the ActoTracker. My vision is to have ActoTracker deal with the time aspect of document management and TagoMan handle the overall organization / overview.

Please keep in mind this is the first public beta, therefore do not expect everything to work 100% yet. It is still a work in progress and I plan to introduce some new cool features in upcoming months.

One of the features that sets it apart already is its ability to use tag hierarchies. It took a bit of trial and error to get  right but I think the end result is pretty usable.

Another thing that I am working on right now is to support text based tags. Would it not be great if I could ‘tag’ this paragraph by writing something like @Personal+Todo ?

The main reason why I decided to clean up TagoMan (I’ve been actually using it for the past 3 years in-house) and release it, is to get real-world feedback. So if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The BETA version of TagoMan is available here.