Built-in Matchers

Action Patterns

There are certain patterns that have special meaning for Tactor out of the box.

Web URLs


Offers ‘Open’ action which opens the link the default browser.

File Paths


A file path may be absolute or relative to the frontmost document window (e.g. consider current Terminal session). Tactor will try to match as many paths as possible.

File Fragments


This may not be complete path but just its portion. A pattern must contain at least one / (slash) character for Tactor to consider it a fragment. Fragments will be searched for by using Spotlight and all matching results will be returned as a file list.

Patterns Used For Text Expansion

These patterns result in ‘Paste Action’ which pastes processed text selection back into a text field. The best way to use them is via ‘Expand Selected Text’ command or hot key.



Shows Color Picker. The change will replace the original selection.

Command  Substitution

`date ‘+DATE: %Y-%m-%d%nTIME: %H:%M:%S’ `

The command should be enclosed in ‘back-ticks`. The output of the command will replace the original selection. NOTE: please avoid using interactive commands.


10 + 10

The result of the calculation will replace the selection. Tactor uses ‘bc’ command to do the actual evaluation.

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