All of the applications posted were primarily developed for my own personal use and therefore tend to cater for my own particular needs that may not be shared others.

Having said that, I am very happy for any feedback (good or bad) that you may have.

Please keep in mind these are my ‘pet projects’ I do in my spare time. Sometimes I do have more time to work on them, sometimes not at all.

The best way is to contact me directly. Every application includes ‘Report a bug’ under the Help menu where you’ll find my email address you can contact me on.

For app specific support questions see:

VipRiser Support



11 thoughts on “Support

  1. Hi, what is the latest version of VipRiser that runs on El Capitan? Can you give me a download link please?

  2. It would have been great if the 2.5 update was not pushed unwittingly to those of us still on El Cap. I use Vipriser in my Acrobat workflow and I can’t downgrade now. Happy to pay for this app if that’s an issue, just can’t always take the time to have downtime for OS upgrades and the risks involved.

    • Hi Josh, sorry about that. I included warning in the release notes but obviously that was not enough. You can download the earlier version from here

  3. I just wanted to say that one thing VipRiser does that the built-in mac PDF processor can’t do is provided a virtual printer driver to Citrix apps. I use a medical record via Citrix and could not get output on PDF without VipRiser!!

  4. Hi Developer of VipRiser, i have an idea that i want to discuss with you. Could you please reply. You didn’t reply my earlier email.

  5. Hi, I have just bought VipRiser to be able to generate print separations. In your blurb you say:
    “Furthermore, VipRiser PDF Ops come with its own virtual printer (available separately as free download), making it into incredibly powerful tool.”

    Where do I download this from?


  6. I have some password protected documents which has a digital signature. After validating if I print it to PDF again through VIP raiser (Just to remove the password & keep the marks as validated), I get some errors. I mainly needs as I can’t use the password protected document as proof of identity when applying for something online. PDF Printer Lite works fine. But, It has limitations.

    In some cases, I have to take the snapshots after validating & then convert the image as PDF which is a painful process when the document has many pages.

    Hope it will be supported in future versions of VIP Raiser.

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