All of the applications posted were primarily developed for my own personal use and therefore tend to cater for my own particular needs that may not be shared others.

Having said that, I am very happy for any feedback (good or bad) that you may have.

Please keep in mind these are my ‘pet projects’ I do in my spare time. Sometimes I do have more time to work on them, sometimes not at all.

The best way is to contact me directly. Every application includes ‘Report a bug‘ you’ll find under the Help menu with my address.

You can also leave a comment on this page. I’ll try to answer it as soon as I can.

8 Responses to Support

  1. Karen says:

    Is there a version that works with OS 10.7.5? I downloaded version .9 and it wouldn’t work on my iMac with 10.7.5. Thanks.

  2. Ean White says:

    Hi. Does TagoMan make tags which are compatible with OSX 10.9.x “Mavericks” tags? Or, are they solely OpenMeta compatible? Thanks.

    • onflapp says:

      I working on full Mavericks compatibility. The biggest challenge is to keep OpenMeta and Mavericks tags in sync.

  3. NA says:

    There is no provided no contact information… how can you be contacted?

  4. Madeleine says:

    I have Lincastor set to open URLs from two sites in Safari instead of Chrome. It works like a miracle, but unfortunately whenever I open a link (to any website) the respective browser, while opening the link, will stay in the background, as my mac considers Lincastor to be my default browser so does not open other browsers when links are activated in them. Is there any way to change this (changing default browsers only causes Lincastor not to work).

  5. David says:

    Thx for your app. Little problem : the file generated is .ps not .pdf why ?

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