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*the app doesn’t open ->don’t panic!

Register your own URL protocol scheme

LinCastor enables you to register your own custom URL protocol scheme (e.g. mylink://foo/bar) and associate it with an application, shell or AppleScript handler.

As most OS X application support embedding links as part of a text, a custom URL protocol scheme provides a great way to connect different applications together or trigger custom workflows. For example: a link jira://issue1234 could open a JIRA tracker with specific issue. This link could then be placed in iCal’s reminder or any other text fields supporting links.

❖ link to anything, anywhere

Open a link in specific browser

Another use-case is to associate well knows URL schemes with specific application. For example: firefox- could open in the Firefox instead of the default browser. Or chrome- in the Chrome.

Call a shell script directly from a browser

Sometimes you just want to call your shell script directly from a browser to do some custom processing. For example; download the entire site using wget -r. LinCastor’s bookmarklets coupled with built-in HTTP server make this easy to do.

17 Responses to LinCastor

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  2. asdasd says:

    Is there any alternative for ubuntu

    • onflapp says:

      No sorry, this is very Mac specific application. Ubuntu (gnome) has its own way of defining Url handlers.

  3. Max says:

    Works great. THANK YOU!

    Is there any way to disable notification about successful handling of the URL by shell script?

    • onflapp says:

      Notifications can be disabled in the Growl (if you run it) or in the System Preferences ‘Notifications’

      • Max says:

        I don’t run Growl. As for System Preferences, it doesn’t look like there is a way to disable notifications specifically for LinCastor. It’s just not available in that list.

      • onflapp says:

        I added the notification ‘master kill switch’ in the upcoming version.

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  5. nev says:

    Where apps allow the setting of links (usually http URLs, but sometimes not, like Evernote has its own link protocol), can this app make them open files and folders in the Finder?

    • onflapp says:

      yes (it should). However, you have to careful with that. Some apps will use the custom URL handlers internally (e.g. calling itself).

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  7. Push Chen says:

    That’s great application! Good Job! Thank you!

  8. Ali D'ace says:

    Thank’s, is it possible to add option when clicking on the link it will let me chos between two apps to open with ( for example when clicking on magnet net link it allow me to chose between VLC or uTorrent ?

  9. Hagure says:

    Would you happen to still have a version compatible with 10.8.5 still?

  10. Jack Vinson says:

    Hi. Is it possible to have Lincaster open specific URL’s (or regex matching URL’s) in a different way? For example, if I always want to open anything from in Safari instead of Chrome.

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  12. Guido says:

    Works in El Capitan!
    Thanks for this useful app. I only tested

    Could you please add to the “it’s not working” button that Log Out / Log In (not restart) is needed for the pseudo-protocols to take effect?

    In the URL scheme pane – scheme(s) field the comment says: “a scheme you want… (may be a list) e.g. firefox-http,firefox-https”.
    It’s not a list, two values is the max. I didn’t know and I started inserting: firefox-http,firefox-https,firefox-data and… I was stuck. Please clarify the comment.
    I also added – in a separate scheme – the firefox-file protocol, useful for preview of local static or <base href-ed html pages. So the possible uses go beyond http & https.

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