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*the app doesn’t open ->don’t panic!

Register your own URL protocol scheme

LinCastor enables you to register your own custom URL protocol scheme (e.g. mylink://foo/bar) and associate it with an application, shell or AppleScript handler.

As most OS X application support embedding links as part of a text, a custom URL protocol scheme provides a great way to connect different applications together or trigger custom workflows. For example: a link jira://issue1234 could open a JIRA tracker with specific issue. This link could then be placed in iCal’s reminder or any other text fields supporting links.

❖ link to anything, anywhere

Open a link in specific browser

Another use-case is to associate well knows URL schemes with specific application. For example: firefox- could open in the Firefox instead of the default browser. Or chrome- in the Chrome.

Call a shell script directly from a browser

Sometimes you just want to call your shell script directly from a browser to do some custom processing. For example; download the entire site using wget -r. LinCastor’s bookmarklets coupled with built-in HTTP server make this easy to do.

8 Responses to LinCastor

  1. Is it possible to turn off growl notifications? Would happily pay for a build without.

    • Actually I think I got it. Basically I just added a native notification then ran a shell script to kill LinCastor before the return. Since it’s the registered app for that type of link it will still run every time link of that type is clicked.

      Great app by the way. I was never able to get magnet links to open with any applescript apps that I wrote successfully.

      • davidmland says:

        Alternately, I just disabled LinCastor in Growl. Granted, I won’t get notifications of failures, but I would probably turn Growl back on for LinCastor during development, and I can always open LinCastor and take a peek at the log if a failure happens in day-to-day use.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi. Are you still maintaining this app?

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  4. kbrock says:

    This is still part of my workflow.

    Thanks for such a geeky and useful tool.

  5. Found your app here:

    Thank you! I’m using it to search Chrome Bookmarks with Alfred with this url scheme: chrome://bookmarks/#p=/me&hl=en-US&q={query}.

    It’s mind boggling why chrome doesn’t include it’s own entry as a URL handler.

  6. foliovision says:

    Looks great. I’m currently using Choosy for this functionality (and paid for it). I.e. opening specific websites in specific browsers. Looking for a backup application if Choosy stops working. I’m a little less worried at it’s working on El Capitan which is where I plan to camp out for the next few years.

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