NOTE: Old good LinCastor has been supperceeded by LinCastor Browser.

The LinCastor Browser includes all of its “browser choosing” functionlity, plus much more. The LinCastor can still be used to register your own URL protocol schemes.

Furthermore, LinCastor Browser is fully compliant with Apple’s sandboxing/security requirements.

[[ download LinCastor ]]

*the app doesn’t open -> don’t panic!

Register your own URL protocol scheme

LinCastor enables you to register your own custom URL protocol scheme (e.g. mylink://foo/bar) and associate it with an application, shell or AppleScript handler.

As most OS X application support embedding links as part of a text, a custom URL protocol scheme provides a great way to connect different applications together or trigger custom workflows. For example: a link jira://issue1234 could open a JIRA tracker with specific issue. This link could then be placed in iCal’s reminder or any other text fields supporting links.

❖ link to anything, anywhere