URL / File Extension Handler App

Customise the way links and files are being handled by associating custom URL scheme or file name extension with an application, shell or AppleScript handler. It can also change default application used for standard file names and URL schemes in a way similar to RCDefaultApp.


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*the app doesn’t open -> don’t panic!

Register your own URL protocol scheme

LinCastor enables you to register your own custom URL protocol scheme (e.g. mylink://foo/bar) and associate it with an application, shell or AppleScript handler.

As most OS X application support embedding links as part of a text, a custom URL protocol scheme provides a great way to connect different applications together or trigger custom workflows. For example: a link jira://issue1234 could open a JIRA tracker with specific issue. This link could then be placed in iCal’s reminder or any other text fields supporting links.

Register custom handler for a file extension

LinCastor can also handle file extensions. The extension can be well known one like jpg, html, txt or custom extension. LinCastor can also be used to give LinCastor Browser an ability to handle custom schemes and extensions.

Trigger handler directly for a bookmarklet

Bookmarklets are like regular links so that you can store a bookmarklet right in your bookmarks or favorites menu of your browser, but instead of leading to a document or site, it executes javascript code. Normal bookmarklet runs in context of your current wepage. LinCastor will enable you to create bookmarklets that can trigger an action outside of the browser (e.g. launch an app) or pass some information from current page to a handler (e.g. download current URL using command in terminal).

Customisable Action Menu

The LinCastor Browser will provide nice-user iterface for the LinCastor. It will also enable you to create rules to trigger actions automatically.


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