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*the app doesn’t open -> don’t panic!

ActoTracker is application for keeping track of activities so you don’t have to.

Its purpose is to help you to answer questions like:

  • what was that document I was working on Monday morning last week
  • what was the email that let me to change this file
  • what was the website I used to look up this information

What can it be used for:

  • system-wide bookmarking and history service
  • records entire document workflow e.g. bug fixing
  • keep track of a research material
  • as an alternative to tagging

ActoTracker is great for project management

How does it work:

The ActoTracker keeps track of when you open and how long you work with a document. Besides documents, it will also record URLs of websites you visit and is even able to track your emails, calendar events and chat sessions. This functionality is provided in form of AppleScript plugins an user can easily tweak or create their own, which makes it very flexible and extensible.

Think of the ActoTracker as system-wide bookmarking app

The recording of activities can be done manually via menu or hotkey or it can happen quietly in the background without interfering with your work.  Filters may be used customize this behavior in detail.

The ActoTracker organizes records in journals, where each record can be annotated and tagged. All records are fully searchable within the application itself and the Spotlight.

With this kind of power comes also great deal of responsibility. Ultimately, it is always you who is in the control. All information is stored locally and never leaves your machine.

What kind of activities/events does it track?

3 Responses to ActoTracker

  1. jsbrock says:

    This is a wonderful app! Do you take small donations?

    I’m curious what the basic steps would be to add AppleScript support for apps that aren’t supported out of the box.

  2. I’d love to see ActoTracker becoming a successful and supported commercial or open source project.

    Will it handle storing months of intensive computer usage without slowing down, or do I have to remember to purge the database periodically?

  3. Rainer says:

    I agree with jsbrock and Wojtek, great app. But no activity since 2014, it would be a real pitty if this project is dead!

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