Releasing MarkedPub.

A great way to write markdown in virtually any rich text capable app, without loosing ability to use embed images or links.

Being a developer, I use markdown almost religiously. When dealing with’s any programer’s editor will do. However, life is not that simple. I need to be able to produce and publish documents with diagrams or complex graphics as well. The traditional way is to use external tools and then export images one by one.

MarkedPub offers a better solution. I can use apps such as Evernote or even MS Word to prepare everything in one master document. I can cut, resize and annotate any embedded image visually and then let MarkedPub transform the entire document into nice and clean HTML output. I can paste the resulting HTML into a wikipage or just upload to a dropbox as a website.

MarkedPub gives me the best of the both worlds – easy way to work with images and markdown syntax for writing text.

Document in MS Word with diagram and text written in markdown


The HTML output